Anonymous: Damn, get it!


Anonymous: what does cum taste like?

I have no idea honestly

Anonymous: how bad did that hurt omfg?

The tattoo? Not at all

For the anon

Anonymous: I wanna see your tattoo you got with Haley

Okay I’ll made a post hold on

Anonymous: 'Only' twice? Is that below average?!

Yes haha it’s usually like 4 times a week or more

For the anon

Anonymous: Can you post a picture of yor bf? :)

Yeah I’m on mobile so I’ll have to make a separate post so hold on

Anonymous: Do you know how to get meet and greet passes for taylor? (Besides club red/t party )

Honestly I have no idea. I won mine by the pure chance of fate so I have no strategy as to how to get them

Anonymous: omg are you ok

Haha I’m just fine

dear cas